Ralph Williams, 1921 - 1922 & 1924 - 1926

Ralph Williams was the community's first Mayor. He was wed to Luella Jones in 1908. As a farmer, Ralph raised crops of corn, oats, wheat and potatoes while tending livestock including sheep, pigs and horses. Often the only transportation available during the winter in those days was horse and sleigh. Ralph was a popular figure in the community due to an excellent sense of humor and a willingness to help his neighbors. He had a deep interest in the community and actively contributed to it. He and his family saw many changes take place as the community grew.

When Mayor Williams took office, Highland Heights was a farming community. He accomplished many things including creating the office of inspector and regulating the construction of buildings within the Village of Highland Heights. For more than a decade, Mayor Williams was a member of the Mayfield School District Board as representative of the Highland Heights Schools. He was a charter member of Mayfield Grande and for many years, he was a trustee of Mayfield Methodist Church.

Mayor Williams was a pioneer of sorts; not only in his lifestyle but also in the vision he had for his hometown. He was primarily responsible for turning his little farm town into a community with its own character and vision. I'm sure I speak for all the mayors who followed him in expressing my gratitude for his leadership and service to the town he loved.