Virginia Swanson, 1988 - 1995

It is impossible to include all of Virginia Swanson’s accomplishments in this feature. Virginia served the City of Highland Heights as an elected official for 25 years. She represented the city in every possible elected position. She was Ward Council representative, At-Large Representative, Council President and Mayor. Her tenure on Council went from 1980 - 1987 and 1998 - 2005. She served, at one time or another, on every committee in our city’s government. In 1988, Virginia was elected as the first woman mayor of the City of Highland Heights. She held that position until 1995 when she did not seek re-election. Virginia Swanson never lost an election. She was once voted one of the most influential women in Northeast Ohio and the Sun Newspaper recently honored her as being the most influential person in the city.


During her administration, Virginia worked hard to attract businesses to the city. She was instrumental in making the Aberdeen development a reality and had a special fondness for the senior programs.

She has always been a fierce defender of the City Charter which was best displayed in 1993 when she decided to appoint a new law director. City Council at the time did not want the appointment to be made, instead siding with the former law director. As a result, Virginia won a long legal battle and her 1993 appointment of Timothy G. Paluf, who remains the city’s law director.


With her numerous accomplishments, when Virginia is asked what she is most proud of, she quickly says, “Bringing back baseball to the Park.”

Mayor Virginia Swanson was more than just an elected official, and “politician” certainly is not a fitting description. She was the epitome of a public servant. Virginia, the City of Highland Heights thanks you and will be forever in your debt for all your years of service.