Police Department History

In the early days of the Police Department, there was a marshal, authorized to preserve order, and a deputy, a person appointed to work for the Marshall and carry out his orders. Today the city’s Police Department includes a staff of almost 50 people to protect and serve the City of Highland Heights. Here, we celebrate a history of safety in our city.

Past Police Chiefs

  • 1990-2022: James Cook
  • 1973-1990: Keith Woodie
  • 1950-1973: John Herman
  • 1938-1950: Fay Dalrymple

Police Timeline


The first Police Chief was appointed and served until 1950.


City Council passed an ordinance employing a part time police officer at a salary of $150 per month.


Ken Meyer became the first part-time policeman and eventually became the first full-time policeman.


The Police Department had 11 officers including a chief, lieutenant, 2 sergeants and 7 full-time patrolmen.


The position of dispatcher was established.


The Police Department had 16 officers, including a chief, lieutenant, 4 sergeants, 10 full time patrolmen as well as 3 full-time dispatchers, 2 administrative office personnel and 4 part-time patrolmen.


The Police Department moved into the present Police and Fire Department facility, which includes a 5-day jail facility located in the Police Station.


Department had 20 officers, that included chief, lieutenant, 5 sergeants, 13 full-time patrolmen, as well as 4 full-time dispatchers that allowed for 24/7 radio coverage for the city.


Police Department is able to keep up with the newest law enforcement technology with the purchase of Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) computers in vehicles, as well as in-car dash cameras, video conferencing with Lyndhurst Municipal Court and enhanced Emergency 9-1-1 system.


Department is certified by the State of Ohio to operate its Jail as a 12-day facility, which averages 400 prisoners annually.


Department employs 50 people, including:
  • Chief
  • Lieutenant
  • 5 - Sergeants
  • 16 - Full-Time Patrolmen
  • 4 - Full-Time Dispatchers
  • 3 -  Administrative Personnel
  • 4 - Part-Time Dispatchers
  • 3 - Part-Time Patrolmen
  • 4 -  Auxiliary Officers
  • 6 - School Crossing Guards