Our City Service Department and staff work year-round to ensure residents and business owners enjoy a clean and safe neighborhood. Please see the following information on special programs and services.

Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District
Storm Water Education Material

The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District provides monthly tips on soil and water conservation, as well information for effective fertilization and pest control. Click on one of the following Keep Your Yard Green and Our Waters Clean education guides for this valuable information:

2017 Storm Water Education - Lake Erie: Don't Waste It

Lake Erie Begins Here

Winter Watershed Protection Tips
Dec. - Give Your Lawn the Gift of Good Health
Nov. - Be Thankful for a Healthy Lawn
Oct. - Mulching the Leaves
Sept. - Don't Labor Over Your Lawn
Aug. - Dog Days of Summer
July - Independence from Chemicals
June - Give Dad a Break
May - Mother Earth-Treat Mom Right
April - Hop to It, Get Outside
March - Mowing March Madness
February - Fall in Love With Your Lawn
January - New Year, New Lawn Attitude

Report a Problem / Request a Service

Send an email to report problems or request a service.
  1. Construction Project Updates

    Current information available for ongoing and upcoming construction/road projects in the city.

  2. GovDeals Auction

    GovDeals Online Auction of Equipment

  3. Mailboxes

    View guidelines for installing mail boxes.

  4. Resources & Links

    Find helpful service resources.

  5. Sewer / Drainage

    Most of the sewer system, with the exception of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s main interceptor sewers, is owned by the City of Highland Heights and maintained by the County Sanitary Engineer’s office.

  6. Snow & Ice Removal

    During the winter months, Service Department staff works around the clock to ensure that city streets remain safe, clear and drivable for all members of the community.

  7. Solid Waste & Recycling Collection Program

    The Solid Waste and Recycling Program offers residents of the city unlimited, scheduled curbside collection of all trash, yard waste and recyclables.

  8. Street Lights

    If you see a streetlight out, you may report it to the City of Highland Heights Service Department by calling 440-461-7266.