Serving the Community
Through the City of Highland Heights departments and dedicated staff, we are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our community by keeping it safe, attractive and fun for all those who live and work here. Please feel free to contact the city departments at any time - we pride ourselves in our duty to serve this community. 
Community Center
  1. Building Department

    The City's Building Department is responsible for all commercial and residential construction as well as all building, zoning and regulatory matters.

  2. Community Center

    The Community Center provides a convenient space for weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, events and community meetings year-round.

  3. Economic Development

    Maintaining a business environment that is supportive and responsive to our business community is key to our community’s success. That is why the City of Highland Heights engages in a variety of economic development efforts to attract and retain business in our city.

  4. Finance

    The city’s Finance Department is established under the City Charter Article VI and as such oversees all fiscal matters of the City of Highland Heights.

  5. Fire Department

    The mission of the Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of all residents, businesses and the general public within the city limits of Highland Heights.

  6. Law Department

    Acting on the interests of the City of Highland Heights and its leadership, the Law Department provides legal advice and representation to the city and officials in all matters pertaining to civil and/or criminal proceedings.

  7. Parks & Recreation

    Our Parks and Recreation Department works year-round to ensure that residents and families may take full advantage of the fun and beauty we have to offer.

  8. Police

    The Police Department's continued emphasis on residential safety ensures that Highland Heights remains one of the safest cities in the state with a 0% personal crime rate and one of the lowest property crime rates in the country.

  9. Service

    Our City Service Department and staff work year-round to ensure residents and business owners enjoy a clean and safe neighborhood.